Mobile Asphalt Plant

Model: LB700 ~ LB2000
Product Capacity: 60 t/h ~ 160 t/h
Mixer Capacity: 700 kg/batch ~ 2000 kg/batch
Highlights:Mobile plant,easy for installation, fast relocation;
Batch mix, precise screening, accurate weighing.

Mobile asphalt mixing plant is developed, designed, manufactured and put on sale. It inherits the advantages of LB series asphalt batch mixing plant, and adds new elements including: containerized size, modular design and trailer and mobile chassis which make it possible for container transportation, fast mobilization and relocation.

Asphalt Plant is designed for small and medium-sized pavement project which need frequent relocation. Complete plant can be dismantled and reinstalled in 5 days (not including the transportation period).

Model LB700 LB1000 LB1500 LB2000
Capacity 60 t/h 80 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h
Mixer Capacity 700 kg/batch 1000 kg/batch 1500 kg/batch 2000 kg/batch
Fuel Consumption Diesel consumption: 5.5-7 kg/ton
Weighing Precision Hot aggregate: ±0.5%; bitumen: ±0.3%; filler: ±0.2%
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130℃-165℃ (adjustable)
Air Emissions ≤ 20 mg/Nm³
Working Noise ≤ 70 db(A)
Operation Full Auto/Manual Operation
Installation Power 157 kW 241 kW 330 kW 412 kW
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)
Plant Covering Area Length 35 m 40 m 40 m 42 m
Width 26 m 28 m 32 m 32 m
Height 15 m 15 m 16 m 16 m
Documents Lay-Out/ Electric Circuit Diagram; Chinese-English Operation Manual; Qualification Certificate.


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