Asphalt Plant YLB1500

Intermittent asphalt mixing stations are of high flexibility and can produce high quality products, becoming the most widely used asphalt mixing station in today’s world.

Asphalt batch mixing plant mainly include: cold recycling feeding system、drying drum、burning system、hot aggregate elevator、vibration screening system、hot aggregate storage bin、weighing system、mixing system、electric control system、airway system、mixing tower、Conducting oil system、dedusting system.

Its advantages are: accurate ratio; easy to control; mixing even; dust removal effect is good and so on.

Scope: Widely used in highway, port, urban construction and other departments to build highways, freight yard, square and other projects; especially for highway construction, maintenance and other small and medium enterprises and units.


Type YLB1500
Standard Configuration Optional configuration
Output 120t/h((standard working condition)
Hopper Quantity Four Capacity of Single Hopper;7.5m³ 1.Five                        2.Six
Mixer 1500kg/batch
Drying Drum Φ1800*8000mm(Diameter*Length)
Fuel Consumption Diesel: 5.5-7kg/t; 1.Light oil or heavy oil;

2. Natural Gas:600m³/h;

3:Light oil、heavy oil or Natural Gas;

4.Fuel Coal:12kg/t

Dust Collector Gravitational dust collector + second baghouse dust collector Gravitational dust collector + second water filter
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³ ≤50mg/Nm³
Dark exhaust standard Ringelmann I
Vibrating screen Sieve diameter Four five
hole size 6×6(mm)、10×10(mm)、14×14(mm)、20×20(mm)
 Filler bin Filler temporary bin volume 1.8m³ 1.Volume of new filler hopper;50m³

2.Volume of recycling filler hopper;25m³

Bitumen Supply System 40t diesel oil-heating bitumen tank 400 thousand KCAL fuel thermal oil furnace and 40T asphalt tank
Finished product storage                       —– Volume of Finished product storage:1.20t; 2.40t; 3.6t
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable) 415V/60HZ,  440V/60HZ


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