Asphalt Plant LB2000

The most modern asphalt plant meets all requirements of the current city and major roads;

High asphalt installation performance;

LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant:

The most modern asphalt plant meets all requirements of the current city and major roads;

High asphalt installation performance;

The product has passed the EU CE certification and Russia GOST certification, and the product fully meets the requirements of European and American markets for quality, energy saving, environmental protection and safety.


Type LB2000
Standard Configuration Optional Configuration
Output 160t/h((standard working condition)
Hopper Quantity Four Capacity of single hopper: 8.5m³ 1.Five                        2.Six
Mixer 2000kg/batch
Drying Drum Φ2000mmx8000mm(Diameter*Length)
Fuel Type Diesel: 7kg/t; 1. Light oil or heavy oil;

2. Natural gas;

3. Light oil、heavy oil or natural gas;

4. Fuel coal

Dust Collector Gravitational dust collector + second baghouse dust collector Gravitational dust collector + second wet collector
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³ ≤50mg/Nm³
Dark Exhaust Standard Ringelmann I
Vibrating Screen Sieve diameter Four Five
Hole size 6×6(mm)、11×11(mm)、22×22(mm)、31.5×31.5(mm)
 Filler Bin Filler temporary bin volume 2m³ 1. Volume of new filler hopper;

2. Volume of recycling filler hopper

Bitumen Supply System 30t heat-conducting oil  bitumen tank
Finished Product Storage                       —– Volume of finished product storage:1.20t; 2.40t; 3.60t
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable) 415V/60HZ,  440V/60HZ

1、  Cold feed supply system: It consists of cold silo, aggregate feeder, intermediate filter screen, inclined belt feeder, etc. It will reject large particles, and then transport it to the drum. Belt feeder equipped with Variable speed discharge belt to control flow,which is reliable

2、 Drying system: It mainly consists of drying drum and combustion system. Used to heat the cold aggregate to the temperature required to stir the finished mix. The outer wall of the drying drum has a 50mm thick insulation layer, and the inner blade of the material is arranged so that the thermal efficiency of the drying drum is the highest. It can be equipped with self-produced oil and gas burners according to customer needs.

3、 Dust removal system: It consists of volute dust collector, bag dust collector and Blowing fan. The first-stage dust removal adopts the volute dust collector, which can remove large particles from the dust-containing gas, and the large particles removed from the volute dust collector can be sent directly to the hot-collector elevator and used directly. Bag dusting can remove smaller particles from the dust-laden gas, and the removed particles can be sent to the powder silo by the recycling conveyor; if the recycled mineral powder is not needed, it is directly discharged by the screw conveyor. The dust removal system of the dedusting system of the volute casing can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different formulations. The outer layer of the bag filter is provided with an insulation layer to prevent condensation of the bag.

4、Filler supply system: It consists of filler elevator and screw conveyor. The filler is lifted from the filler tank via a filler elevator to a filler temporary storage bin. The new and old filler can be added in proportion; the filler temporary storage chamber is provided with an air break arch device, which can effectively prevent the filler bunker from forming a knot and ensure uniform and continuous filler supply.

5、Asphalt supply system: including asphalt tanks (customers can prepare for their own needs), thermal oil furnaces, and asphalt pipelines. It is one of the three major raw materials for the production of asphalt products. The asphalt system has a neat and compact layout. It is pre-assembled and pressure-tested in the pipeline plant, and is quickly installed on the site. The asphalt tanks and pipelines are equipped with thermal insulation layers and the heat loss is small. The fast heating asphalt technology is used for high efficiency and energy saving; the level and temperature of the asphalt tank are set. Device,

Easy to operate; thermal oil furnace has a complete automatic control system, independent operation; burner size and fire control, to ensure accurate oil temperature.

6、Mixing tower body: Including hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, hot silo layer, metering layer and agitation layer (core components of asphalt mixing plant). Mixing tank in the mixing station adopts large-circle three-dimensional boiling type stirring, which is highly efficient and uniform; the stirrer is equipped with safety protection device, and can be quickly braked under emergency conditions; the main body of the mixing building is modular, and installation and transportation are fast; large-capacity hot material storage, feeding The proportioning adjustment is quick; the material bin is equipped with a level gauge, wear-resisting noise reduction device and overflow device; the wear-resistant lining plate and agitating blade are made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron and have a long service life;

7、Pneumatic System:It mainly includes an air compressor, a compressed air bag and so on. It is used to provide the door opening power required for the normal opening and closing of the cylinders of the entire asphalt mixing station and the compressed air required for the air arch installations in various places. Well-known brands of pneumatic components, reliable performance, long life; the main trachea uses no rust pipe, high-performance air

purification device, air source is clean and does not block, long service life of pneumatic components.

8The finished product silo (optional) is set below: The finished product is temporarily stored so as to ease the pressure on the wagons. In the construction of high-grade highways, it is common to use admixtures, which often require a period of time in the silo.

9、Control system: Mainly consists of control room, strong power distribution cabinet, weak power distribution cabinet, console cabinet and other components. It is to provide equipment for power supply and various controls on the entire asphalt plant. Can realize automatic, semi-automatic and manual control.

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